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Gilles Meloche – Cleveland Barons

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Saturday or Sunday is going to be the day I post a mask I like, aside from the Friday Palate Cleanser. Here’s my first choice.

Considering I base a lot of my criticisms on how busy a design is, you would think I shouldn’t like this mask, but to me it’s perfect.

It’s only three colors and it’s so well rendered I think it must be one of my top ten favorites. Look at the way the mantel cascades down from the knight’s helmet and curls around the sides of the mask. This is a superb design, perfectly executed.

All this time I thought the red portion in the center was a shield, befitting the heraldic theme. But after looking around a little bit on Google images, I realized it’s actually the State of Ohio.

photo from Classic Auctions.

And can you believe it? There’s a YouTube clip of it!

Judgment: Good. And not just good, but fantastic.


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September 27, 2009 at 1:41 pm

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