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Olaf Kolzig

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Olaf Kolzig retired yesterday. I’m sorry to see him go, but I’m not sorry to see this mask go.

Photo from Sports Illustrated.

Photos from Off Wing Opinion.

Before I saw the video below, I figured this was supposed to be Mecha-Godzilla. As a kid growing up in Minneapolis, I spent many Saturday afternoons watching Godzilla double features for ninety-nine cents (it was the seventies), and this Mecha-Godzilla makes me sad. It makes him sad too.

Godzilla: Are you crying?
Mecha-Godzilla: No, I have something in my eye (turns away in shame).

“…Mecha-Godzilla. It’s a futuristic, robotic looking creature, and I think, you know, it stands out”.

“Sometimes masks can be a little too detailed (no kidding?!). They’re tough to pick up on camera, but when you see them up close, you go “Wow! That’s pretty cool”.

Or you go “What the hell did you do to my beloved Mecha-Godzilla”?!

Judgement: Ugly

Since he is retiring, I want to close this post on an up-note. I do like this Godzilla mask he used to wear. Why? Because it actually looks like Godzilla.


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September 25, 2009 at 3:14 am

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